Monday, August 15, 2022

If Imran Khan wins from all 9 constituencies in the by-election, how much will be spent on re-election?

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to contest by-elections from 9 constituencies of the National Assembly.

By-elections will be held in 9 constituencies of the National Assembly on September 25 and the PTI Chairman has decided to contest the elections himself from these constituencies.

According to the sources, the minimum estimate of the election expenditure in a constituency of the National Assembly is 5 to 10 crore rupees, in the constituency of sensitive or remote areas, the election expenditure reaches up to 10 crore rupees.

Sources say that the expenses for the by-election in 9 constituencies may be Rs. 50 to 90 crores, expenses will be incurred on the printing and purchase of ballot materials including ballot papers, forms, ballot boxes, expenses for the security of police and rangers for the election. .

According to the sources, there will be additional expenses related to the deployment of army in the constituencies, training of election staff, their honorarium, IT equipment, transport, fuel expenses will also be paid.

In case of success of Imran Khan from all 9 constituencies, he will have to choose one out of 8 constituencies and he is already a member of National Assembly before the seat of Mianwali.

If Imran Khan wins the election, by-elections will be held again in 9 constituencies of the National Assembly, and in this case, once again, expenses of 50 to 90 crore rupees will be incurred on the election.



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