Friday, August 19, 2022

If the full bench of the Supreme Court is not formed, they will boycott the hearing, announced Rana Sanaullah

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that it is the unanimous decision of the ruling alliance that if a full bench of the Supreme Court is not formed to hear the petition against the ruling of the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly on the election of the Chief Minister of Punjab, then we will hear the case. will boycott and Hamza Shahbaz will not be a party.

Speaking to the media outside the Supreme Court, Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that anyway, such judges who have been performing the duties of monitoring judges especially against the Pakistan Muslim League (N) and in these benches. have also been involved in the benches from which not only Nawaz Sharif was punished but also the Panama verdict was given and Nawaz Sharif was removed from the party presidency.

He said that 99% of the legal community is of the opinion that Article 63A is a rewrite of the Constitution, it talks about voting and not counting it while the entire scheme is there in the Constitution. It contains the entire scheme of voting, counting, rejection, declaration, decision of Election Commission and filing of petition in the Supreme Court.

Rana Sanaullah said that a part of it has been disabled so that the vote will not be counted.

He said that this opinion is not only of the legal community, this opinion is also of two distinguished judges of the Fazil Bench. In this regard, the review petition of the Supreme Court Bar Association can be heard at any time tomorrow, if the decision is against. It is equivalent to rewriting the constitution, then the same position of Hamza Shehbaz will be restored as he was elected Chief Minister if he got 197 votes.

The federal minister said that, therefore, we request that all the cases related to Article 63A of the Constitution should be heard together. The appeals of the members of the Provincial Assembly who have been de-seated are also in the Supreme Court.

He said that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) de-seated these twenty-five defiant members of the assembly on the basis that there was a declaration of the party chief against them. Did not act so they were de-seated.

Rana Sanaullah said that on this basis still the votes of the members were not counted due to violation of the instructions of the party chief, if it is decided on the appeals of 25 members that there was no instruction of the parliamentary party even there. So what will happen then?

He said that to avoid these complications, it is our request to form a full court, this will increase the prestige of the Supreme Court and increase the confidence of the entire nation.

He said that in 2015, the Supreme Court made a decision of 8 judges, it was also decided with reference to the party chief, all these things together require that a full bench should be formed, rather than a full court. All conflicts can be resolved.

Rana Sanaullah said that it is a unanimous decision of the ruling coalition that if the full bench is not formed, we will boycott the trial and Hamza Shehbaz will not be a party. If it remains the same, will the respect of the Supreme Court increase or decrease?

He said that this situation will be discussed in the media, social media and we want to avoid the situation that will arise.

In response to a question about Rawalpindi Bar Association cases, Prime Minister Nazir Tarar said that the case of Rawalpindi Bar Association was heard by the full court only, that case was related to the amendments in the Army Act, Justice Azmat Saeed gave the decision. While 8 judges agreed with him, including the current Chief Justice, he clearly wrote that after the 18th Amendment, 63A, in its current form, was transferred from the parliamentary party to the party leader. has gone

He said that another five-member bench has decided that when Mian Nawaz Sharif was sentenced, Zulfiqar Bhatta filed a petition against him that the Political Parties Act should be changed because this amendment Nawaz Sharif The five-judge bench said in the verdict that the strongest voice, rank and pillar in the party is the party chief.

He said that the judgment further said that the party chief gives instructions on how to vote, he gives tickets, he can remove from membership, he can discharge under 63A.



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