Tuesday, August 9, 2022

IG Police Punjab transferred, Faisal Shahkar appointed new IG

The government replaced the IG of Punjab Police and appointed Faisal Shahkar as the new IG.

According to the sources, Punjab Chief Secretary Kamran Afzal and IG Police Rao Sardar had prepared to resign from their positions in case of change of provincial government.

Sources say that Chief Secretary and IG Punjab had requested to be sent to the federal government.

According to sources, Chief Secretary and IG Punjab requested to send it to the federal government a few days ago.

Now the government has changed the IG Punjab in the province and Faisal Shahkar has been appointed as the new IG Punjab in place of Rao Sardar while IG Punjab Rao Sardar has been appointed as the new IG of Railway Police.



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