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Imran Khan is attacking the foundations of Pakistan’s national institutions: Ahsan Iqbal

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and Federal Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal has sharply criticized former Prime Minister Imran Khan and said that he would not allow Imran Khan to target institutions with negative politics.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Ahsan Iqbal said that due to the initiatives and policies of the previous government, for the first time in the history of the country, the Ministry of Finance could not release the development budget installment. The Ministry of Finance may have said that we do not have the money to issue installments.

The Federal Minister for Planning said that when former Prime Minister Imran Khan criticizes our government, it is as if he is criticizing his government. He should consider the deeds of his government. So the International Monetary Fund says that we do not know Hafeez Sheikh and Shaukat Tareen, we know the government of Pakistan whose finance ministers have signed agreements with us.

He said that in the agreement that Pakistan is facing today, Imran Khan has written that he will abolish all subsidies and impose more taxes on petroleum products. His ministers now say petrol will go up to Rs 300 because they know what agreement they have with the IMF.

He said that in a situation where the previous government had bankrupted the economy of Pakistan and there was severe pressure on Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves, in view of its current account deficit, it encouraged imports. While it should have been discouraged, the country is facing extraordinary challenges due to these policies.

Ahsan Iqbal said that when we came in the government we knew what a difficult challenge we are accepting, there are painful situations at the moment and their solution is also very painful, we had the option to change our politics. Save or save the country, saving the country is our priority. If we had to save politics, we would have dissolved the assemblies in one to two months and announced elections, throwing the country into another precarious situation. There is no government that can negotiate with any international body, the crisis of 3 to 4 months could have wreaked havoc on Pakistan’s economy.

“At that time the country needed stability. We made a difficult decision to sacrifice our politics but we will take care of Pakistan’s economy and its future. We are sure that when the country’s economy takes over, our Politics will take over, now is not the time for politics, now is the time to save the country from the dangers that are hovering around us.

The Federal Minister for Planning said that Imran Khan destroyed the economy of the country and now he wants to spread chaos in the country. He is attacking the foundations of Pakistan’s national institutions. And the way they are campaigning against the armed forces on social media through PTI workers, these are the tools of hybrid war that enemy countries use to destroy a country.

He said that today it has been proved that Imran Khan is spreading anarchy in Pakistan on whose agenda through illicit funding. If the economy is destroyed, it can be rebuilt, but when the institutions and their reputation are destroyed, the state also sits with these institutions.

He said that Imran Khan was targeting the country, its institutions and its people with his negative politics which we would not allow him.

He said that Pakistan’s tax collection target is close to Rs 7,000 billion, FBR will collect Rs 7,000 billion in revenue and taxes, of which 58 per cent will go to the provinces, 42 per cent to the federal government. Can hold which is close to 3 thousand billion.

The Federal Minister said that today 4000 billion is required in the budget for the repayment of loans. The volume of repayment of loans in 2017-18 was Rs. 1500 billion. The defense budget is close to Rs 1,500 billion, the development budget is Rs 700 billion, the government expenditure is Rs 500 billion, Rs 530 billion is to be spent on pensions, of which Rs 400 billion will go to the armed forces and Rs 130 billion to civil servants. Besides, the government is bound to give 12 billion rupees to the state institutions. There is a subsidy of 700 billion rupees given in various forms.

He said that these are the gross expenditures which the federal government has to meet out of 3,000 billion. We have to create resources to get Pakistan out of the debt swamp challenge.

He said that the former finance minister of the previous government had admitted that he had borrowed not 80 but 76 per cent of the country’s debt. At present, the government is not in a position to give subsidy. That is, zero has been released for the last quarter, so Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif says the country needs an economic charter at the moment.

Ahsan Iqbal further said that if we do not work out a 10-year economic plan with consensus in the wider national interest, we will never be able to win the confidence of investors, if the country’s exports 5 to 10 billion. If the dollar does not increase annually, we will not be able to sustain our growth. We have to increase investment. In a country with half the population like Vietnam, there is 30 30 billion in foreign direct investment.

“We have to win the trust of investors through our policies. If we do not create our own resources, our development budget will be further reduced next year. When our budget is reduced in this way, suicide bombers will be created in the country,” he said. If not, what will happen?

He said that if we want to develop the country then we have to increase our resources and wealth and for that we need infrastructure reforms, PTI also needs to understand this, instead of this. He said that PTI should play politics of creating chaos in the country by holding Pakistani army and government responsible for its failures.

The Planning Minister further said that when the Army Public School was attacked, a National Action Plan against Terrorism was formulated. Not to be violated.

He said that he hoped that the opposition would reconsider its stance. He said that Imran Khan was disrespecting the post of Speaker in Punjab, was taking unconstitutional steps and was disrespecting the office of the President in the federation. His state of mind and condition is a sign that he is an anarchist who does not believe in the constitution. With such a mentality the state system cannot be broken.

He said that the state and the constitution have to stand firm, the one who clashes with the constitution is shattered, the people and national institutions are standing behind the constitution, whoever clashes with the constitutional scheme will blow his head off, the dictator will also uphold the constitution. Unable to do any harm, they left the country, ruining themselves.

Ahsan Iqbal said that in the current extraordinary circumstances of Pakistan, the government is making difficult decisions in the interest of the country by keeping a stone on the heart and I hope that in view of the country’s inflation and poverty, the IMF will also understand this. That insisting on such strict and stringent conditions is not the way to reform the system, the country’s economic system will improve after the agreement with the IMF, we had a responsibility to ensure that these conditions I must abide by the agreements of Pakistan, otherwise the country’s reputation would be at stake.

He said that the example of Imran Khan is the driver who after the accident stood in the audience and said how the accident happened, he himself has caused the accident, the situation in the country is due to his wrong decisions and his failed policies and What we have said over the last 3 years is proving to be true today.

“We are in talks with the IMF that we can sell petrol on the strength of purchasing power, but the agreement reached by Imran Khan’s government, which included imposing more taxes, has further affected Pakistan’s economy,” he said. The pressure will come, the PTI itself knows very well what agreement it has made with the IMF and all Pakistanis should read the agreement which has the answers to all the questions.

In response to a question about oil imports from Russia, Ahsan Iqbal said that if India is buying oil from Russia, it has been buying it for a long time now. Along with sanctions, there is also the issue of refinancies. Unfortunately, Pakistan has very limited time, but the decisions we have made will have a positive impact.

He said that the Prime Minister had visited the Rashkai Industrial Zone, a project of the PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, yesterday. The federal government will provide whatever assistance is needed to make the project a success.

He said that the Narowal Sports Complex was destroyed during the previous regime only because it had my name on it. It was not even thought that the Rs. But we will brighten the name of Pakistan.



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