Imran Khan Is The Only Man Who Said You Should Become Chief Minister: Pervez Elahi

Imran Khan is the only man who said you should

Speaker Punjab Assembly and PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi has said that the desire of Sharifs will remain the same. The federal government will not last more than a month.

Speaker Punjab Assembly and PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi has said in a statement that the true nature of Sharifs has come to the fore again, Allah Almighty had to expose them.

He said that there would be competition in the federation while Salik Hussain and Tariq Bashir Cheema would know what to do. We will bring back Tariq Bashir Cheema and Salik Hussain before the vote of confidence.

Pervez Elahi said that the government in his federation would not last more than a month. Tariq Bashir Cheema was angry with Imran Khan but did not vote against him. Tariq Bashir Cheema asked Asif Zardari to either take my vote or that of Salik.

He said that Imran Khan was the only man who said that he should become the Chief Minister and then he stood by his word which hurt the people but Khan Sahib said that I gave my commitment. The game of Sharifs’ federation is over and they do not understand. The PML-N members are lying on the burning stove at the moment.

The Speaker Punjab Assembly said that the ministry was given to the seeker but the department was not given. Shujaat Hussain said take it back. Ishaq Dar told Shujaat Hussain on the phone that he would make a good office for the seeker but Shujaat Hussain said do you call us in Avonfield and you did not come back.

Criticizing PML-N, he said that PML-N ticket has now become a movie ticket and that too is a failed film. Now only Imran Khan’s ticket matters and we will give him a surprise in Punjab as he had given a surprise earlier. Nawaz Sharif always fought with those who brought him.

He said that it is as if someone from Bani Muttahida said that track record with institutions was good and I am hopeful that things will get better with Imran Khan’s institutions. Inshallah, the desire of the Sharifs will remain just a desire.

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