Monday, August 15, 2022

Imran Khan is the person who wants chaos, civil war in the country: Federal Information Minister

Federal Minister of Information Maryam Aurangzeb has said that Imran Khan had laid landmines and prepared to make the country bankrupt and become Sri Lanka. He is the person who wants chaos and civil war in the country.

While giving a press conference in Islamabad, Maryam Aurangzeb said that Imran Khan went there with full preparations to make the country go bankrupt and become Sri Lanka by laying landmines, this is the person who wants chaos, civil war in the country, Hitler. has the mental thought that the 20 seats where the election was held wanted me to win 20 out of 20 and if I don’t win 20, then I will set the Election Commission on fire.

He said that on April 3, when this person was breaking the constitution, the constitutional position of the president, speaker and deputy speaker was violated. One person was attacking the constitution to protect his power. Baruni brought the conspiracy paper which according to him was found on March 7 when this madman was the Prime Minister of the country.

He questioned that when the cipher was found on March 7, why was the judicial commission not formed on that day, why was the nation not told about the foreign conspiracy on the same day, why was the assembly dissolved on the same day and went to the election?

Maryam Ongzeb said that this person now systematically attacks them in every speech, whether it is the Pakistan Army or the state institutions, telling them why they did not save my government, the government that the people of Pakistan wanted. It was the power that made the people of Pakistan poor, unemployed and paralyzed, destroyed the country’s economy, destroyed the country’s internal and foreign policy, tried to weaken the institutions.

He claimed that Imran Khan wants to make Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja Javed Iqbal because the Election Commission has to decide on prohibited funding, which is illegal and unconstitutional through his employees to his party officials. Billions of money was laundered by collecting money in the accounts and the damage that the country is suffering today is due to this money laundering.

He said that this person is attacking the Election Commission because he used to tell the Chief Election Commissioner to meet me through the thief door like he tried to meet the DG of FIA, like Javed Iqbal used to meet him and now. They are attacking the same Election Commissioner whom they appointed themselves, lost in every by-election but did not go to the Election Commission office with a single application, could not accuse of rigging, today if the institution does not listen to you. Election Commissioner, if the thief does not meet the door, then you attack the Election Commission.

The federal minister said that if the Supreme Court pronounces a verdict against him, it says to attack the Supreme Court, today it is asking for the resignation of the Election Commissioner, tomorrow it will ask the Chief Justice to resign, who is a political opponent of his. If he speaks against it, put him in the death penalty mill, the head of the institution that speaks against him should resign, the media that mirrors him should shut their tongues, do censorship, if the parliament asks questions, lock the parliament. He is a Hitler mindset person who wants civil war and chaos in the country and wants to destroy every institution of the country.

He said that today there are signs of economic instability due to political instability in the country and all this is only because of Imran Khan, sitting on the seat of power, he has caused economic destruction, laid economic mines, starved the country. What, imposed cartels and mafia rule, crippled and weakened institutions, used them to target political opponents for revenge and today abuse institutions when they are not in power.

He said that the more you leave Imran Khan open, the more it will be an attack on the institutions. The institutions should take action against him according to the law. No, the record of State Bank is still the same as it was submitted 8 years ago, it thinks that it is above every law and constitution, it gives examples of western democracy but when you had the power, you stole the election. Did you break the constitution because you were the product of RTS, you had power?

The Minister of Information said that it must be understood that neither Sikandar Sultan nor Javed Iqbal will become the election commissioner, the decision of your prohibited funding will come. The constitution of the country was broken by the president, speaker and deputy speaker.



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