Thursday, August 18, 2022

Imran Khan ruined C-Pak’s plans in 4 years: Ahsan Iqbal

Federal Minister for Development and Planning Ahsan Iqbal has said that Imran Khan is blaming us instead of remorse. He should apologize to the nation.

Federal Minister for Development and Planning Ahsan Iqbal while addressing a press conference said that the government has amended the NAB rules and Imran Khan has given weighty arguments in favor of NAB amendments. The courts have also given directions in their decisions regarding NAB amendments and therefore these amendments have been made to harmonize with the Constitution and law.

He said that what is the criticism of Imran Khan? Imran Khan is giving lectures during which corruption took place and the tune that Imran Khan has been singing since 2011 has been exposed. I had challenged Imran Khan and Shehzad Akbar twenty times to prove corruption in our plans and we would be national criminals.

Ahsan Iqbal said that for 4 years Imran Khan was the king of black and white while NAB and NAB chairman used to dance to the tune of Imran Khan. One could not prove who stole or kickbacked.

He said that the government was run by creating a trend of social media and the politics of slander was carried out. Nawaz Sharif was held accountable through binoculars and microscopes while baseless false accusations were leveled against me. Relations between Pakistan and China were also strained while Imran Khan thwarted C-Pack’s plans.

The Federal Minister said that those who donated to Imran Khan were given free rein for corruption and Imran Khan himself could not remember what he had said two days ago. He is the world champion of Uterus. Imran Khan has been the owner of black and white for 4 years. He wants to see his political rivals in jails without any evidence.

He said that corruption index reached its peak during Imran Khan’s tenure. How many myths were made against Shahbaz Sharif but no case could be proved. Imran Khan has to answer for his 4 years and instead of remorse Imran Khan is blaming us upside down.

Ahsan Iqbal said that Imran Khan should apologize to the nation. Our government believes in accountability and there will be no political litigation. NAB amendments are what you have done yourself.



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