Thursday, August 18, 2022

Imran Khan to hold rally at Parade Ground next week

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said that the government has killed the common man economically.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan while giving a press conference said that imposition of supertax by the government will make things more expensive and the present government has killed the common man economically while industries have already started making people unemployed. Is.

“I want to put two things in front of my Pakistanis today,” he said. In the name of NAB amendments, the country has been pushed to the brink of disaster and it has become clear that they had no strategy to fix the economy. In the budget, they have killed the common man economically and for the first time in the history of Pakistan, they heard of the provisional budget.

Imran Khan said that petrol and diesel prices will not stop here and the government is now going to impose a petroleum levy of Rs 50. The burden on the nation has already increased and now the burden will increase while the corporate tax will go up to 39% due to super tax.

He said that corporate tax in India and Bangladesh is 25% while tax on industries will increase unemployment in the country as industries cannot pay that much tax. The rupee continues to depreciate, while the biggest impact of load shedding and expensive diesel is on domestic agriculture.

The former prime minister said that he had also withdrawn the tax exemption for the salaried class of one lakh and above one lakh and these measures would force people to evade taxes.

“Pakistan’s future has been darkened and they have ruined our justice system to save their theft,” he said. Shahbaz Sharif’s theft of only Rs 16 billion of Rs 16 billion was caught. It is not known how much more corruption Shahbaz Sharif has committed. Now if Nawaz Sharif takes property abroad in the name of his daughter, no one can ask him.

Imran Khan said that if I commit corruption according to the new law, no one will catch me. Now only bicycle and buffalo thieves will be caught. It will be impossible to catch white collar crime in Pakistan.



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