In India, the laborer became rich overnight

In India the laborer became rich overnight

The poorest laborer in India got a 5.7 carat diamond worth millions.

According to Indian media, a poor laborer from Madhya Pradesh worked day and night to support his family, but he could barely make ends meet. He was worried about the children’s future.

Nature took pity on the distressed laborer and his fortune shone through the night. The laborer, a resident of Panh, found a diamond. Which is 5.7 carats and is worth 25 to 3 million rupees. Panna is an area of ​​India which is rich in diamonds and from here miners, kiln workers and diggers during construction work have also been getting diamonds. When a diamond is found, the government deducts 12% tax and pays the rest to the diamond owner.

It may be recalled that on February 27 this year, a worker working on a kiln received a 7.5 carat diamond worth Rs 16.2 million.

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