Friday, August 19, 2022

In our time, the economy was moving forward, Imran Khan

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that the economy was moving forward in our time. I’m going to do a strong show, I won’t tell.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan while addressing the function said that PTI workers were caught illegally and put in jail. Our workers were tortured and arrested during the long march.

“I was told the no-confidence motion should have been accepted constitutionally and the Pakistani ambassador was told why Imran Khan went to Russia. The US is angry,” he said. It was said that if Imran Khan was removed then Pakistan would be forgiven. What was the role of US diplomats in meeting our members?

Imran Khan said that in our time the economy was moving forward. I want good relations with any country and unfortunately India was a fascist government and we had to sever ties. When he learned of the conspiracy, he told the neutrals not to allow instability and told Shaukat Tareen to brief the neutrals.

He said that if the new government had a plan, the situation could have been taken care of. I know Americans will hit their shoes as much as they bow down to them. The government is only trying to get NRO II.

The former prime minister said that we will protect milk, Shahbaz Sharif is sitting on top of NAB and FIA. All FIA officers were replaced and six were killed. Maqsood Chapdasi, 2 investigating officers died of heart attack and one was hanged. NAB and cases worth billions of rupees will end.

He said that the parliament was over and there was a spectacle there while the opposition leader Raja Riaz said that he would contest the election on behalf of PML-N.

Imran Khan said that rule of law is being buried in Pakistan and all the institutions which have to protect the rule of law are in danger. By-elections are being rigged. I’m going to do a strong show, I won’t tell.



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