Thursday, August 18, 2022

Inflation broke the back of the people; 33 Increase in prices of goods

33 essential items including onion, tomato, pulses, hot spices, infant milk powder, curd, eggs, flour beef, and potatoes have become expensive in the last one week.

This has been stated in the weekly review report issued by the Federal Bureau of Statistics.

According to the report, only four essential commodities became cheaper during the last week, while the prices of 14 were found to be stable.

According to the review report of the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the rate of inflation has increased by 0.82 percent this week, after which the rate of inflation has increased to 38.63 percent.

According to the report, onion, tomato, pulses, hot spices, high speed diesel, LPG, infant milk powder, yogurt and eggs have become expensive during the last one week.

According to the data, during the last one week, the price of onion has increased by 18 rupees 69 paise, tomato by 8 rupees 84 paise, potato by 2 rupees 9 paise, lentils by 10 rupees 95 paise, dal mash by 17 rupees 69 paise. Paisa, dal masoor Rs 13 84 paisa, high speed diesel Rs 8 96 paisa, domestic LPG cylinder Rs 40 25 paisa and 20 kg bag of flour has become expensive by Rs 2 58 paisa.

According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the prices of cigarettes, beef, eggs, soap and jaggery have also increased during the week.

The review report states that broiler chicken has become cheaper by Rs 13 66 paise per kg during a week while the price of ghee and petrol has also recorded a decrease.

According to the report of the Bureau of Statistics, prices of 14 commodities, including bread, tea leaves, electricity and matches, have been stable during the week.



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