Introduces kitchen oil, grease and smoke absorbing machine

Introduces kitchen oil grease and smoke absorbing machine

During cooking, smoke, grease and oil accumulate on walls and other utensils. Now this problem can be solved with a very effective and manual tool.

Experts have dubbed it ‘Ahir Hood’ which can be easily lifted and placed anywhere. This device efficiently absorbs smoke, odors, oils and other fats during cooking. This improves the interior atmosphere of the kitchen.

Then in Asian countries burning poor fuel also makes the kitchen environment very dangerous which can be cleaned with the help of airhead. When it was placed on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, the required amount was collected in just 99 minutes.

It has coal filter, grease filter, smoke absorption system, and other features. The indoor fan can be set to three different speeds. That is why it can be called a kitchen all-rounder. This way the grease does not accumulate on the walls and above all it becomes easier for the housewife to cook.

The airhead filter works without wires and wires and is very easy to use. Depending on its structure, it can be placed at different heights of airhood so that smoke and contaminants can be absorbed directly into it during cooking.

It has an introductory price of 99 99.

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