Thursday, August 18, 2022

Introducing new features for Tik Tok users

Tik Tok has introduced new user features aimed at helping users discover new content and find tailored content.

Tik Tok has introduced four new features to improve user experience and tailor ‘For You’ feeds to suit users’ needs.

TikTok also plans to introduce ‘content levels’, a system that categorizes content by maturity to prevent younger people from viewing inappropriate content.

These new features include Popular Feed, Keyword Mute, Reset and Dispersion. ‘Popular feed’ is a non-personal feed of content suitable for people aged 13 and over.

Keyword Mute is a way to search for content using specific keywords in ‘for you’ feeds.

Reset Resets ‘for you’ feeds if they don’t match your suggestions and you no longer need them, diversifying and preserving the suggestions made by Dispersion globally. Tests are carried out.

The entertainment platform also plans to introduce a content rating system called ‘Content Levels’. Content Levels is a system commonly used by entertainment companies to determine the suitability of content for different age groups. or can be pointed out regarding the acceptability of different topics.

This system identifies content that has gone through the moderation process and adds another layer of protection. When the platform detects a video that contains mature content or complex topics.

For example, videos that contain fictional scenes that are extremely frightening to minors are given a maturity score to prevent people under the age of 18 from watching such videos.



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