Friday, August 12, 2022

Introducing new features for Twitter users

Social networking website Twitter started testing a feature called ‘Twitter Circle’ to keep tweets private or restricted in May and now it has been extended to Pakistani users.

Under ‘Twitter Circle’, users will be able to share their tweets to a limited number of people instead of making them public. will appear. It is not yet clear how many lists users will be able to create under ‘Twitter Circle’.

Apart from this, a similar feature of Facebook has also been started on Twitter and access to the said trial feature has been given to limited users in America and Europe.

Under the mentioned feature, users will be able to mention their feeling before doing any tweet, that is, just like there are options to add feeling while updating the status on Facebook, Twitter users will also be able to use the same option.

Under the said feature, users will be able to update and tweet various feeling options including ‘Travel, Tiredness, Search, Enjoy, Lovely Weather, Study, Need Help and Suggestions’.

Apart from this, another feature is being tested on Twitter, under which a short summary of the tweets of the users is being presented under their profile, showing how many tweets they tweet per month and how many tweets they have tweeted so far. .



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