Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Japanese Woman With The Most Flexible Ears In The World

Ayomi Takada, a 37-year-old Japanese woman, owns the most flexible ears in the world and can now wrap an umbrella around her ear and handle a selfie stick.

In high school, he noticed that his earlobes were very flexible and could be pulled abnormally. She used it for the first time when she was returning home with her belongings in her hands when it rained.

Now they twisted the edge of the ear and put the canopy in it and reached home. Now she can walk around with a selfie stick stuck in her ear and calligraphy with a pen in her ear.

That is why she has been dubbed the ‘Elastic Girl’.

Compared to normal human beings, they can stretch the ear up to four and a half centimeters and they do not have any pain. However, shortly after leaving the ear, it returns to its original position.

Although she used to pull her own ears as a child, she believes that the properties of flexible ears are given to her by nature.



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