Tuesday, August 9, 2022

July 17 is the day of the war of political turmoil: Sheikh Rashid

Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that the purpose of bringing in an imported government would be known to all in 45 days.

In his statement, he said that July 17 is the day of war of political turmoil.

He said that who stopped Ishaq Dar and Nawaz Sharif from coming to the country?

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that he wanted peace from neutrals, to be with PTI to the extent of Imran Khan, hated Zardari, never took revenge in politics and never wanted to be the Prime Minister.

He had said that the mayor had lost the election by one vote, MA had done it from jail, 50, 60 years ago there were no bloody elections, he did not take revenge on anyone in politics.

Sheikh Rashid claimed that Nawaz Sharif’s Tehreek-e-Nijat was also planned by me, I stand with Imran Khan, I am with PTI to the extent of Imran Khan, I consider Imran Khan as PTI.

In response to a question, the senior politician said that I always do politics with the same man and not with Jim Ghafir, I did not cheat with anyone, I did not do police station politics, people do family politics.



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