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Actor-singer Jassie Gill, after playing a supporting husband to Kangana Ranaut in Panga Zee5 of comedy, Is my Sonam Gupta unfaithful? I am set to explore the comedy genre again with Surbhi Jyoti as a lovable Aashiq, which makes her.

With this, ask film debutant Jassi about his experience on the film and he says it was amazing. “The work I had done before made it easier to work in this film. It was shot in UP.
So I had to step out of my comfort zone. But the overall concept was really fun and the audience will enjoy it too,” he assured.

One might wonder that since Jassi has done many Punjabi comedies in the past, it must have been easy to do comedy here as well. But he has a different point of view. “Punjabi comedies are a little different. Since this is my first language.

When I do them, I can put a little on my side because I know what works in there, but it was completely different. It is a situational comedy based on the idea of ​​what would have happened had someone wrote Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai on the note,” he says. For More Details Newsmenk

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The plot unfolds in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, with a young man Sintu (Jassi Gill), who is in love with Sonam Gupta (Surbhi Jyoti), the heartthrob of the city, who is out of his league. Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai Movie Release Date.

When she counteracts his feelings, he is left confused and stunned, unleashing a series of events of a comedy of errors upon him.

Presented by Jayantilal Gada of Pen Studio, the story of the film is inspired from a real-life incident. A currency note, which had ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ written on it, went viral, and the makers picked up the germ of the idea and turned it into a new plot for the feature film.


The Rs 10 note with the line ‘Sonam Gupta bewafa hai’ went viral on the internet a few years back and became a fodder for memes. The strange trend made headlines across the country, as everyone wondered who Sonam Gupta really is and what is the reason behind this scathing allegation, probably, by a jilted boyfriend. Writer-director Saurabh Tyagi tries to capitalize on this viral sensation by weaving a fictional story.

This attempt at crafting a complete narrative around just one famous line is so compelling that it appears in every frame of this crumbling film. The story of Tyagi is rooted in a small town in Uttar Pradesh with quirky and loud characters who represent myriad cliches of the typical ‘small town thinking’. Among many other things, the film also talks about how one must think big in order to become big.

Like almost every other aimless youngster in town, Sintu is also covered in Sonam Gupta, who is brash, possessive, feisty and way out of her league. When she betrays him and disappears, everything breaks down and Sintu receives a harsh reality check. For the first hour or so, the film literally spins in circles and tries to set up the premise so that the title of the film somehow fits the plot. There can only be one fun here.

That’s the eccentricity of the characters and the modestly non-urban setting. It is heartening to see late veteran actor Surekha Sikri mastering her craft for the last time. The film’s protagonist Jassie Gill is aptly cast as the naive Sintu, who is pampered by his unreasonable mother and surrounded by worthless friends.

Despite the obvious flaws in the writing, Jassi makes Sintu lovable and easy to root for. So is the case for Surbhi Jyoti, who plays the complex and unreadable character of Sonam with confidence and enthusiasm. Like most such films, the character actors too ride a lot and Tyagi gets a few aces to work with. It stars Atul Srivastava, Vibha Chhibber and Bijendra Kala. Vijay Raj is disappointingly repeated.


Cast Real Name Role Play Name
Jassie Gill Sintu
Surbhi Jyoti Sonam Gupta
Vijay Raaz Sanjeev Nagaraj
Surekha Sikri Daddy
Atul Srivastava Sintu’s Father
Vibha Chibber Sintu’s Mother
Brijendra Kala Sonam’s Father
Neelu Kohli Sonam’s Mother
Sahiba Vij Tanu (Sintu’s Sister)
Shrikant Verma Mama Ji
Ekavali Khanna Mami Ji
Kaviraj Laique Kundan
Paritosh Tripathi Gagan Gupta
Surbhi Dhyani Sonam Srivastava
Rajesh Sharma Travel Agent
Saaki Sintu’s Friend
Rc Pathak Hakeem
Rajkumar Yadav Milkman
Sudhanva Deshpande Srivastava Ji


Name Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai
Style Comedy
Language Hindi
Platform ZEE 5
release date 10 Sept 2021
the director Saurabh Tyagi
star cast Jassie Gill, Surbhi Jyoti, Vijay Raaz


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People Also Ask For

Q1- Is this Jassi Gill’s debut Hindi film?

Ans- The popular Punjabi singer and passionate actor made his Hindi cinema debut with the 2018 Sonakshi Sinha starrer Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi, followed by a lead role in the Kangana Ranaut-starrer sports drama Panga. Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai is her third Hindi feature film.

Q2- What is the role of Jassi Gill in Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai?
Ans- Jassi recently told ANI about her shooting experience for the feature, revealing that she had filmed in the director’s hometown, Badaun. Talking about her role in Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai, Jassi said that it is different from her roles of a Delhi boy and Sardar in Panga and Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, as she is ‘a different culture and local experiences. can search. When he came to know about his fans in Uttar Pradesh, where the film is being plotted, he was very excited. His songs are heard in Uttar Pradesh which came as a ‘pleasant discovery’ for him. When he was shooting for Panga, he got into the film after hearing the script narration from Tyagi.

Q3- Can we watch movie Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai with family?
Ans- Yes, you can watch Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai movie with your family as this movie is a comedy-drama film and does not contain any sexual or nudity scenes. So enjoy movie Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai with your parents.

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Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai (Zee5) Movie Story, Cast, Release Date & Review

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