Monday, August 15, 2022

Lack of sleep can lead to liver disease, new research reveals

Although previous research on sleep deprivation has revealed its many disadvantages, a new study has found that lack of sleep can cause metabolic diseases, including liver disease. Is.

According to research published in the medical journal ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’, sleep disorders, lack of sleep, sitting for long periods of time and afternoon naps cause metabolic diseases.

According to the report, a study conducted by Chinese experts on 5,000 people found that people who do not sleep peacefully or who suffer from sleep deprivation have increased fat in the liver, which also leads to other complications. Can be born.

The report found that people who nap for more than half an hour in the afternoon and spend a lot of time sitting have increased metabolic complications.

According to research, people who do not get restful sleep and suffer from sleep deprivation are also more prone to metabolic diseases, among which fatty liver is the most common disease.

The study was conducted on elderly people who were suffering from metabolic diseases and then looked at their lifestyle data to draw conclusions.

Metabolic diseases cause various complications by reducing the energy of the human body.

Due to metabolic problems, a person can suffer from other complications such as weight gain, diabetes, digestive disorders and body inflammation etc.



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