Lahore: Polio environmental samples once again came out positive

Lahore Polio environmental samples once again came out positive

Environmental samples of polio in Lahore once again came out positive. Polio virus was confirmed in the drain samples of 14 union councils of the city. The health department directed to launch a special campaign in the affected areas.

According to the health department, a sample of Multan Road site was taken. Where the environmental samples of polio came positive from the drains of 14 Union Councils. These union councils are in Allama Iqbal Town and Samanabad area.

Ramla Ali, in-charge of anti-polio program Punjab, said that after one year, the environmental samples have come positive and the only solution is to run more anti-polio campaigns.

According to the District Health Authority, a special EPI campaign is being launched at the Multan Road site and ten medical camps will be set up on an emergency basis.

It should be noted that no case of polio has been reported in Punjab including Lahore this year. Three cases of polio have been reported across Pakistan this year.

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