Monday, August 15, 2022

League Cricket Does Not Affect Test Cricket: Babar Azam

National team captain Babar Azam has stressed the need to increase Test matches in the series, saying that league cricket is not affecting Test cricket.

Babar Azam said that franchise cricket is becoming very popular at the moment, T20 cricket is also popular but I do not think that Test cricket is being affected.

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“The interest of the fans in Test cricket is still there as there are thrilling and exciting matches in Test matches too but where I think Test cricket league is not affected by cricket, I will emphasize that the series,” he said. I need to increase the number of Test matches because now the number of Test matches is decreasing. Instead of two or three Test matches, the number of Test matches in the series should be 4 or 5, this will maintain the popularity of Test matches.

On the other hand, the captain Babar Azam is also in favor of more women’s cricket and in this regard he said that women’s cricket needs the support of all, now league cricket has started, their World Cups are also held regularly I think women’s cricket gets less series.

Babar Azam said that there is a lot of talent in women’s cricket all over the world including Pakistan, they get less opportunities, their bilateral series should be more Enthusiasm will increase among cricketers.

During the talks, the national captain expressed the hope that the decision-making authorities would pay close attention to this.



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