Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Long march Top PTI leadership incites workers, report submitted to Supreme Court

IG Islamabad submits report on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) sit-in to Supreme Court

The report submitted by IG Islamabad states that PTI had requested the Islamabad administration to hold a protest on Srinagar Highway on May 23, on which the administration complied with the decision of the Supreme Court. And prevented police, Rangers and the FC from taking action against the protesters.

The report said that the roads leading to the red zone were closed for the safety of the citizens but the group of protesters started marching towards D-Chowk. The protesters set fire to trees while the party leadership urged the angry people to remove the obstacles and resist the police in which most of the protesters were armed.

According to the report submitted to the IG’s court, the protesters also pelted stones at the police and Rangers while vehicles were loaded on the police personnel and heavy machinery was used to remove the containers.

The report said that 2,000 protesters led by PTI leaders Imran Ismail, Saif Niazi, Zartaj Gul and others entered the red zone in various attempts to remove the barriers, which the police fired tear gas to disperse. used.

He said in the report that the protesters had stayed away from the red zone as announced by the administration on social media and media but despite this the top leadership incited the workers. Necessary steps were taken by the police and administration to prevent any attempt to enter the red zone.

The report submitted by IG Islamabad also revealed that 23 security personnel were injured due to stone pelting by the protesters. Was requested.

According to the report, there was no obstacle for the protesters to reach the meeting place between G-9 and H-9, however, none of the protesters reached the designated meeting place. Police arrested 77 people in 19 different cases.



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