Friday, August 19, 2022

LPG price increase again

The price of LPG was hiked by Rs 10 per kg without any notification by Ogra, resulting in a domestic cylinder costing Rs 150 and a commercial cylinder costing Rs 450.

According to a media report, Irfan Khokhar, chairman of LPG Distributors Association, has said that the increase in LPG price is unjustified and will increase further in the next 12 hours. He said that after one year and 7 months today the price of LPG has exceeded the price issued by Ogra.

Irfan Qadir said that after the recent increase in the price of LPG per kg, the domestic cylinder will be available at Rs 2750 and commercial at Rs 10438. In Gilgit, LPG has reached an all-time high of Rs 300 per kg, followed by domestic cylinders at Rs 3,600 and commercial at Rs 13,600.

The chairman of the association said that if the price of LPG is not controlled, they will strike across the country. JJVL Pakistan’s largest LPG plant is closed, the government has lost 60 billion rupees. While LPG consumers are getting robbed. He said that Mossadegh Malik has no time for matters. If the price of LPG is not controlled, WAZAT will stage a dharna in front of Petroleum.



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