Malware spread through fake messages has been thwarted

Malware spread through fake messages has been thwarted

Police in six countries have foiled a mobile phone scheme called ‘FlowBoot’ which was spread all over the world through fake text messages.

Dutch cyber cops led an operation in May targeting malware that infects Android phones using text messages that claim to be from a parcel firm or say ‘someone The person is waiting for the voicemail.

The hackers then stole bank details from the infected phones, which automatically sent messages to other mobiles in the user’s contact list and spread the counterfeit like a flu virus. Dutch police said in a statement: 10,000 victims of the FlowBoot network have been disconnected and more than 6.5 million spam text messages have been blocked.

The European Union’s police agency Europol said the FlowBoot was one of the fastest-spreading mobile malware to date and was capable of spreading like wildfire because of its ability to access the infected smartphone’s communications.

He said police had disabled the malware but was still searching for the culprits.

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