Monday, August 15, 2022

Migraine medicine effective in treating obesity, research

A new study by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern has found that trypton, a drug used to treat migraines, can be used to treat obesity.

In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, obese mice were given a daily dose of tryptophan, which reduced their diet and helped them lose weight within a month.

Researchers have shown that these drugs have real potential to be used for other purposes, known to suppress appetite and reduce weight. Obesity can lead to heart disease, stroke, and stroke. The risk of diabetes and certain types of cancer is increased. The treatment of obesity focuses mostly on eating habits and physical activity.

Scientists know that serotonin, a chemical messenger found in the brain and body, plays an important role in hunger. However, there are 15 different types of serotonin receptors in the body. These are the molecules that sense serotonin and signal the cells to change their behavior in response.

Tryptan, which is used to treat severe migraines and cluster headaches, targets the serotonin 1B receptor, Dalter Live said. This has never been studied before in the context of hunger and weight loss.

In a new study, researchers tested six tryptan drugs on obese mice. The rats were fed a high-fat diet for seven weeks before the trial. Of the six drugs tested, the rats that were fed the two drugs had the same food cravings, while the other rats that were fed the other four drugs had less food cravings.



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