Ministers ban official patrols

Ministers ban official patrols

Provincial Minister Ataullah Tarar has said that government patrol of ministers has been banned in Punjab.

Talking to media in Lahore, Ata Tarar said that Imran Niazi had bankrupted the country and the nation during his tenure. He looted the country with both hands. He said that Punjab has decided to keep a close watch on the borders of Punjab to curb the smuggling of flour.

Ata Tarar said that ministers in Punjab have been banned from using petrol with government money, no minister will take government petrol, all ministers will bring petrol at personal expense, ministers going for government work will also bring petrol at personal expense. Besides, it has been decided to impose immediate ban on extravagant expenditure on CM House. The Punjab government will provide huge relief in the budget and various subsidies will be provided.

Criticizing Imran Khan, the provincial minister said that he has never been more timid than Imran Niazi in the history of the country. He is still building on government expenditure.

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