Mobile Shop Robbery, Cleaning Of More Than 1.5 Million Items

Mobile shop robbery cleaning of more than 15 million items

In Bin Qasim area of ​​Karachi, three armed robbers broke the locks of a shop and looted goods and cash worth more than Rs 1.5 million.

According to police, three armed robbers broke the lock of a mobile shop in Bin Qasim Naseerabad and looted Rs4.5 million in cash and seven expensive new smartphones while the accused also took away eight simple mobile phones.

Police say the three suspects took the owner of the hotel next to the mobile shop hostage at gunpoint before the incident and then cut the locks with the help of a sharp cutter. They took it and fled.

Police say that according to CCTV, the accused were riding on the same motorbike and they were wearing cloth over their faces to hide their identities.

According to police, the case has been registered in Bin Qasim police station on the complaint of Bakht Rehman, owner of mobile shop.

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