Friday, August 19, 2022

Muftah Ismail hinted at an increase in petrol price

Finance Minister Muftah Ismail hinted at another rise in prices of petroleum products.

Addressing a function, he said that at present we are losing Rs 53 on diesel and Rs 23 on petrol. If prices do not go up, we could face a major crisis.

He said that if petrol prices do not go up then the IMF will not sign the agreement either. Twice we have increased petrol by Rs.

He said that I have studied economics, today I will talk about Pakistan’s economy, when we got the government there were economic problems, I have never seen this situation in Pakistan before.

The Finance Minister said that in 2013 our government had a circular deadline of Rs. 503 billion, the power department was incurring a loss of Rs. 1500 billion.

He said that there was no break in inflation, global oil prices were rising while coal prices were also rising.



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