NASA has released a space image taken from the Hubble Telescope

NASA has released a space image taken from the Hubble

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope floating in space has taken its largest ever near infrared image. In this image, the telescope reflects eight times more than usual.

This image, which is a manifestation of a technique, will in the future help scientists better understand the formation and structure of distant galaxies, as well as set new targets for the James Webb Space Telescope.

This image, taken by the Hubble Telescope, can be downloaded from the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes. This image is very large and its size is 19 gigabytes.

In an article published before the Astrophysical Journal, which is available on the arXiv server, a team of international researchers described how they used the Hubble Telescope to take the first image of a region called Cosmos Field in the sky.

Cosmos Field is an area of ​​the sky that is visible at an angle of two degrees from a cluster of stars called Sextants seen from Earth.

The region was chosen by astronomers to provide a clear view of space beyond distant galaxies.

Millions of galaxies can be seen in Comos Field, some 12 billion light years away.

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