Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nation was insulted by imposing corrupt people three months ago: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that since these two families came, our country has fallen behind India and Bangladesh.

In his address, he said that today I want to congratulate the entire nation, three and a half months ago there was an external conspiracy in the country under which our government was abolished, those people who are on bail were brought to power.

Imran Khan said that he thought the nation would accept everyone like sheep. We called for a peaceful protest on May 25. The most corrupt people were imposed on us. We have no history of vandalism and chaos. Yes, women and children were shelled in front of me, they thought we will sit quietly at home, but instead of being afraid, people started becoming a nation, I have seen my country becoming a nation for the first time.

He said that people came out in the by-elections, we did not see so many people coming out in the 2018 election, every tactic was used to defeat us, Hamza was banned by the Supreme Court from using government machinery, he did not do anything. Who did not leave anyone to defeat us, another shameful role was that of the Election Commission, despite all this we defeated them.

The former prime minister said that before the 90s, Pakistan was ahead of India and Bangladesh, since these two families came, our country has fallen behind India and Bangladesh.

He said that even today we all fear that the conditions of the country will worsen during his presence. When I dissolved the assembly, if the elections were held then this crisis would not have been faced.

Imran Khan said that even today I demand a clean and transparent election, the largest party in the country has no faith in the Election Commissioner, we went to the Election Commission 8 times and each time our request was rejected.

He said that when we talked about ECVM, Election Commission strongly opposed it, Iran and India also have EVM, Election Commission conspired and sabotaged the process of EVM. We need a reliable Election Commission.



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