National Assembly session rejects President’s objections

National Assembly session rejects Presidents objections

During the joint sitting of the National Assembly, all the 42 objections of the President were rejected and the Election Amendment Bill 2022 and National Accountability Amendment Bill 2022 were passed by a majority vote.

The President raised 17 objections to the Election Amendment Bill 2022 and 25 objections to the National Accountability Amendment Bill 2022. PTI centers boycott joint meeting

President Dr. Arif Alvi referred both the bills back to the Prime Minister under Article 75 of the Constitution and asked the Parliament and its committees / committees to review and consider the two bills in detail.

By not informing the President about the legislative proposals, Article 46 of the Constitution was violated.

He said both bills were hastily passed by the National Assembly on May 26 and the Senate on May 27. Legislation with far-reaching legislation for society should be consulted with the legal community and civil society.

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