National Economic Survey, Inflation, Trade Deficit, Imports Targets Failed in Fiscal Year

National Economic Survey Inflation Trade Deficit Imports Targets Failed in

According to the National Economic Survey for the year 2021-22, in the current financial year, inflation, trade deficit, imports, current account deficit, investment, national savings, wheat and cotton production targets have not been achieved while GDP, agriculture, Targets for industry and services have been achieved.

The Economic Survey Review will be released tomorrow. According to the main features of the Economic Survey for the year 2021-22, many economic targets set for the current financial year have been achieved while many important targets have not been achieved.

According to the data, the GDP target for the current financial year was set at 4.8 per cent, which was 6 per cent. At 7.2 per cent, the services sector production target was set at 4.7 per cent, which stood at 6.2 per cent.

The average inflation target was set at 8% which was 13.3%, aggregate investment was 15.1% against the target of 16.1%, fixed investment rate was 13.4% and National Savings was 11.1% against the target of 15.4%.

According to Hum News, cotton production was 8.3 million bales, rice production was 9.3 million metric tons, sugarcane production was 88.7 million metric tons, while wheat production was reduced from 27.5 million to 26.4 million metric tons.

According to the statistics, the size of the national economy has reached 3 383 billion while the per capita income has increased from 16 1676 to 17 1798.

The current account deficit target for the current financial year was set at ارب 2.276 billion, but the current account deficit reached ارب 13.8 billion during July-April.

The trade deficit was set at ارب 28.43 billion, up from a record ارب 43.33 billion in July-May.

The import target was ارب 55.26 billion, which reached ارب 72.182 billion during July-May.

The export target was set at ارب 26.83 billion, up from ارب 28.84 billion in July-May.

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