Netflix Releases: August 2021 | Full New Series & Movies

Netflix releases August 2021 all you can see Cinema

Find here all the premieres of films and series that come to Netflix in August 2021.

From original to classic productions that reach the platform, it reviews all the releases that will reach Netflix in August 2021.

Film premieres on Netflix, August 2021

The crime of priest Amaro (1/8/2021). The recently ordained Father Amaro travels to a small pueblo to help another cure. But find out that Father Benito does not follow the local laws ni a la Iglesia.

The intruders (8/3/2021): A group of thieves starts robbing the perfect house: vacancy and the fill of money. But the dueños appear and the helpless elderly people appear.

Alive (8/8/2021). A kinkaju who loves music embarks on a trip from Havana to Miami. He wants to fulfill his destiny and deliver a love song from a longtime friend.

La cloud (8/6/2021): A single mother creates edible jumpers for their high protein content, but has problems for them to reproduce. Just find out that they like la sangre.

Kingdoms of the queens (8/6/2021). La Reina Maria returns to Scotland to govern her land and face her cousin, La Reina Isabel I. Lee here is our critic.

Often times (8/8/2021): An innocent exchange of husbands ends in tragedy, and those who survive must find a way to draw their new reality.

The souvenir (8/10/2021). At the beginning of los ochenta, a film student finds a way of expressing herself when she becomes emotionally involved with a sophisticated man in the midst of turmoil. see here he trailer.

The stand of los besos 3 (11/8/2021).He plans his wish list while dealing with everything he expects with Noah and Lee.

Beckett (8/13/2021): After an automobile accident in Greece, an American tourist is caught in an intricate political conspiracy that puts his life in danger.

Flames to be spying (15/8/2021). After Francia fell under Nazi control, the women decided to sum up as spies to a secret agency of Churchill’s Government. Based on a real story.

The art of defending yourself (8/17/2021): Tired of being the blanco of tricks, a docile man decides to take classes in karate. But his enigmatic instructor introduced him to a subculture of toxic masculinity.

The asesino de las postales (8/17/2021). After the signature of his son and son, a detective travels to Europe and equips with an investigative journalist.

At the best moment (8/18/2021). Tired of dealing with the highlands of the world of the cites, a woman with a rare genetic upheaval decides to put her gaze on love.

Sweet Girl (8/20/2021): Afflicted by his wife’s murder, a man (Jason Momoa) seeks revenge and protects his wife.

He is there (8/27/2021): unite influencer accepts a challenge: to convert the rey of the graduation ball to chico solitario del cole.

The old forms (8/25/2021). A journalist goes to his native land after the history of a tribal culture, but it was hijacked by some villagers convinced that it was possessed by a demon.

Series premieres on Netflix, August 2021

UFOs: Disqualified top secret projects (8/3/2021). The encounters with extraterrestrials have never been taken seriously, many people believe in them.

From chatarras to ticks: Season 3 (4/8/2021). Taller Gotham’s fame continues to rise and Mark expands his business strategy.

Control Z: Season 2 (4/8/2021): It’s a new semester at the National College, and it seems that everyone has forgotten about Luis. Until an unknown person seizes his social networks and begins to threaten to get revenge on those who have hicied his life in hell.

In the kitchen with Paris Hilton (4/8/2021): Showing that you can cook, Paris Hilton puts its own essence on each plate. A unique cooking show with pure brilliance. ¡La diversión is served!

Hit & Run (8/6/2021): A man finds himself trapped in a dangerous network of secrets in search of the truth about the death of his wife.

Pastry swarm (11/8/2021): Expert pastries take them to another level with amazing creativity and epic performance. ¡La batalla to get customers to eat now!

Valeria: Season 2 (8/13/2021). The four friends are red that each one needs to face the decisions.

El Reino (8/13/2021): A religious leader assumes the presidential candidacy of Argentina after a membership, while the tax authorities seek to unravel the truth.

New cherry flavor (8/13/2021): A filmmaker moves to L. Á. In the nineties to make your first film, but now you are enveloped in a psychedelic spiral of sex, magic, revenge and… kittens.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Season 5 (8/17/2021): Khloé and the basketball star Lamar Odom celebrates his first birthday. Kourtney and Scott trying to have another baby.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season 5 (8/17/2021): These personas are returning for another season of hearts, pelts and glamour.

The director (8/20/2021): In a prestigious university, the first woman with a professorial color intends to satisfy the expectations of a Department of Literature in decadence.

All will be good (8/20/2021): Creada y directed by Diego Luna. This series succeeds in Mexico City and is a ‘dramedia’ that reflects on the idea of ​​family and relationships in the present.

Clickbait (8/25/2021): In this series of suspension, I find different points of view provide promising clues about the author of a brutal crime.

Motels refurbishment (8/25/2021): Hoteliers are looking to expand their empire with the renovation of a new motel in Ontario… just when the pandemic comes out.

Titletown High (8/28/2021): Un reality deportivo that narrates the life of the members of the American football team at Valdosta High School.

Buena Chicas: Season 4 (8/31/2021): Under the strict surveillance of federal agents, Beth, Ruby and Annie weigh the advantages and disadvantages of their work.

Awakening happiness!, with Marie Kondo (8/31/2021): Marie Kondo returns with a completely new series and, this time, undertakes the titanic task of ordering a pueblo entero.

Releases of Documentary specials on Netflix, August 2021

AL DESCUBIERTO (One opening per week): From the creators of wild wild country, a new look at epic stories from the wide world of sports:

  • The fight between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers (10/8/2021): Directed by Floyd Russ (Zion) and with images never seen before, the famous Pacers-Pistons skin is unearthed by those who live there.
  • Pacto con el diablo (8/17/2021): Directed by Laura Brownson (The Rachel Divide, Lemon), boxer Christy Martin talks about her battles inside and outside the ring.
  • Caitlyn Jenner (8/24/2021): Directed by Crystal Moselle (Betty, The Wolfpack) and told with an extraordinary collection of never-before-seen archival images, including reels of recently discovered Olympic images and homemade Jenner family videos, Caitlyn Jenner brings her life with a new perspective To win the gold by taking the decision to make the transition and your relationship with your children.»
  • Mafia over hielo (8/31/2021): Directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way, UNTOLD reveals the story of an unadapted hockey player band known as Los Trashers, who received orders from a teenage son from a supposed mafia boss.

Pray Away: La Cruz within the Closet (8/3/2021): Survivors and ex-leaders of the “conversion therapy” call spoke about the profound damage that this movement has caused and continues to cause to the LGBTQ community.

Shiny Flakes: El cibernarco teen (3/8/2021): Max S. reveals how he built a drug empire when he was a teenager in the real story behind the series How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast).

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami (8/4/2021): From childhood friends going from school dropouts to Miami’s most powerful drug lords in this true story of a criminal saga that spanned decades.

Memories of an asesino: The straps of Nilsen (8/18/2021): The asesino in the British series Dennis Nilsen, narrates his life and his crimes through a series of scalding audio tapes recorded from his cell.

Bob Ross: Happy accidents, betrayals and avarice (8/25/2021): The never-before-seen story behind the prolific landscape illustrator and presenter of Paint placer with Bob Ross.

Launches for kids and family on Netflix, August 2021

Show Dogs (8/1/2021): Accompanied by an FBI agent, a police officer must pass a polite pet in a dog show to save a baby panda.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Vacancy Monsters (8/8/2021): Dracula falls with an arrow to meet Ericka, the charming and mysterious captain of the monstrous crucero Mavis organizes for the family.

Gabby’s wife’s house: Season 2 (8/10/2021): Vuelve the miauravilloso world of Gabby and her friends! A fantastic universe where all discovery, creation and joy can fit in a house of muñecas…

Fast and furious: Espías al steering wheel – Season 5: Pacifico Sur (8/13/2021): When Russian arms dealers capture Tony, the Spy team travels to South Pacific to save him and end his planes of domination.

The Loud House: The film (8/20/2021): It’s not easy being the middle man and the only guy in the big Loud family, but things change to Lincoln during the family’s trip to Scotland.

Type Type: Season 2 (8/25/2021): Type the train sale to demonstrate that he knows how to help his friends in Villa Tren to drive along the routes in a prudent and reliable manner.

Tayo the Little Bus: Season 4 (8/25/2021): Day after day, Tayo and their friends learn their routes through the city, discover new places and have exciting adventures.

Pororo, the little penguin: Season 4 (8/25/2021): Pororo and the others make friends of a talking car, Eddy invents an artifact to read minds, Cong grows too much… ¡y mucho más!

Family Reunion: Part 4 (8/26/2021): The extended McKellan reunion continues with more laughter, joy and familiar black magic.

My dear Arlo (8/27/2021): The optimist Arlo and his eclectic group of friends learn to live together in a community where everyone has their own ideas about what it means to have fun.

Anime premieres on Netflix, August 2021

The Witcher: La pesodilla del lobo (8/23/2021): the world of The Witcher expands with this 2D anime feature that explores a new and powerful threat that poses on the continent.

Rey Chaman (8/9/2021): The medium Yoh Asakura joins a legendary tournament: a battle that is pounded every 500 years and from which it is decided who fits in the almighty shaman king.

ZERO EDENS (8/26/2021): Aboard the spaceship Edens Zero, a solitary child who can control the grave embarks on the adventure of finding a space god that grants wishes.

Monster Hunter: Leyendas del gremio (8/12/2021): In a world where humans and monsters live in a precarious balance, young hunter Aiden struggles to save his village from the clutches of a dragon.

Darwin’s Game (8/1/2021): Kaname activates a mysterious app on your phone that ends up disappearing in a game that takes you to a terrain that is too real and supernatural for the same time.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: Season 1 (8/15/2021): Sakuta, the child of the school, suffered an extra syndrome that attacks in puberty, and now doesn’t stop meeting girls who also suffer, like the TV Mai actress.

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