Friday, August 19, 2022

New code vaccine approved

The United States has approved the emergency use of the Code 19 vaccine developed by Nova Wax Company.

This is the fourth cod vaccine approved for use in the United States during the Corona virus epidemic.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to approve a two-dose vaccine for people 18 years of age or older.

The FDA’s approval comes at a time when about 77 percent of people aged 18 and over in the United States have been vaccinated, but 27 million people still do not use the vaccine.

The Nova Vaccine vaccine is based on the traditional protein technology that preceded the Hepatitis B and HPV vaccines.

This is different from Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines.

The vaccine mimics the spike protein of the corona virus on the surface of human cells ٓ it was taken from a virus that infects spike worms, so that the human body can gain the strength to fight against cod.

The vaccine also contains an extract from a tree found in South America for a stronger immune response.

In clinical trials, the vaccine has been shown to be 90% effective in preventing symptomatic disease.

But these trials took place between December 2020 and September 2021, when the spread of Corona-type omecron did not begin.

Data on the efficacy of this vaccine against the omecron type have not yet been released, but it is thought that its efficacy may be reduced against omecron, as seen in the Pfizer and modern vaccines.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert M. Cliff said that cod vaccines are the best way to avoid the complications of this epidemic.

Because it is not a live virus vaccine, it can be kept at room temperature.

The use of this vaccine can cause temporary side effects such as swelling, fatigue, headache and fever at the injection site, while some people may also have heartburn.

It should be noted that the Nova Vaccine vaccine has already been approved for use in the UK and Indonesia.



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