Tuesday, August 9, 2022

New fruit show record

A new award for extraordinary display at a fruit show has been set in the United States, where 70,000-pound nails have been put on display in one place.

Dell Monte, a well-known fruit production and sales company, and Joel Osco, a well-known supermarket company, have placed 70,000 pounds of bananas outside a branch in Westmont City, which has been described as the largest aggregate display of all kinds of fruits. Is. In terms of kilograms, it weighs 31,700 kilograms.

The Guinness Book of World Records has also confirmed this and congratulated the staff and management. Earlier, in 2016, a Brazilian company had collected 41,000 pounds of various firsts in one place and made a colorful stall out of them.

However, this time people came from far and wide to see the display outside Joel Osco and the news correspondents have also broadcast news on it. After confirmation of the award, all the bananas have been distributed among various charities.



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