Thursday, August 18, 2022

New Zealand became the first country to pay equal compensation to male and female cricketers

Now men and women will get equal pay for work, the New Zealand Cricket Board has decided, New Zealand has become the first country to pay equal pay to male and female cricketers.

Under a new deal signed by New Zealand Cricket, male and female cricketers will receive ہزار 10,250 for playing Test matches. This amounts to more than Rs. 21 lakhs. You will get ہزار 4,000 for playing ODIs. This amounts to around Rs. 820,000.

New Zealand cricket takes the first step towards gender pay equality!

– ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) July 5, 2022

You will get 00 2,500 for playing a T20 match. This amount is more than Rs 5 lakh. Male and female cricketers will also get equal compensation for playing domestic cricket in New Zealand. Earlier, like other cricket boards, women cricketers in New Zealand were paid less than male cricketers.



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