Friday, August 12, 2022

Ninety-nine employees receive 24 years’ salary by mistake

A man from the South American country of Chile was accidentally paid 286 months, or about 24 years, by his company, after which he disappeared.

According to the American newspaper, this extraordinary incident took place in the Human Resource Department of the Consortio Industrial de Alimentos, Chile’s largest cold kits, where the office assistant suddenly realized that a much higher salary transfer was in his account. After which he immediately went to the manager.

It turned out that due to a malfunction in the system, the employee was simultaneously paid 180,000 US dollars in the form of Chilean currency ‘peso’, while his salary was 542 US dollars.

This amount was 286 times more than his salary but at that time the employee asked him to return all the money but he disappeared from the office. A few days later when the company found out they tried to contact him but there was no trace of him. Found

However, the company has now approached the court to take legal action against the employee.

An employee of the Human Resources Department of Chile’s largest Cold Kits Consortium Industrial de Elements (CIAL), which is responsible for it, is now worried about the matter.



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