Tuesday, August 9, 2022

No need for sympathy, Dua Zahra’s new video message

Another video of Dua Zahra, who went to Lahore from Karachi and got married, has come to light recently in which she is talking in a live session with YouTube ‘Zaneera’.

During the conversation, Dua sent a message to all YouTubers, “Saying about my husband that he is part of a gang, stop it all, I don’t need anyone’s sympathy, I know how much you care about me.” ۔

Dua Zahra said in the video that ‘all of you respect my husband Zaheer’.

“Someone has commented on social media that you should have such a daughter and run away from home,” said YouTuber Zaneira.

In response, Dua said, “I will maintain a friendly relationship with my daughter, I will be her friend so that it is not her turn to run away and she will share such things with me whenever she wants.”

In addition, addressing her parents, Dua Zahra also said, “Let go of stubbornness, accept me and my husband, I have not been kidnapped and my parents have known this from day one.”

It may be recalled that on June 8, the Sindh High Court had issued a written order in the Dua Zahra case stating that Dua could go anywhere at will.



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