Thursday, August 18, 2022

No organization in Pakistan can ask Imran Khan because he is wearing Soleimani cap, Ahsan Iqbal

Federal Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said that since 7 years Imran Khan has been free from any arrest in the prohibited funding cases from the High Court, Supreme Court and Election Commission. puts them above the law, while members of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) are disqualified as soon as they are pinched.

While giving a press conference in Lahore, Ahsan Iqbal said that whenever Imran Khan loses in politics, he tries to bail out national institutions and the Supreme Court by involving them in disputes, the entire history of which is in front of the nation. It started with the Panama case, which continued till the Chief Ministership of Punjab.

He said that Imran Khan is constantly using national institutions for his political purposes, first by using social media to portray their character, then by putting pressure on them, he tries to take his own decision.

Ahsan Iqbal said that Imran Niazi has continuously created an administrative crisis in Punjab for the past few months, the province of Punjab is running without a cabinet, and the entire country is being affected by this crisis.

He said that Imran Niazi, who continued to play the role of the Supreme Court, kept the decision of the local body elections on the tip of his shoe for seven months, no one ever called Imran Khan and asked him why he was guilty of contempt of court. happening

Ahsan Iqbal said that we face contempt of court proceedings and get disqualified, but I am unable to understand what Soleimani hat Imran Khan is wearing to speak ill of the courts after this. He should try to involve the courts in his political disputes.

The federal minister said that he has been free from any arrest in the funding cases prohibited by the High Court, the Supreme Court and the Election Commission for 7 years. Yes, MLAs of Pakistan Muslim League (N) are disqualified as soon as they are pinched while Qasim Suri is sitting on stay order for two and a half years. are also committed.

He said that no institution of Pakistan can question Imran Khan because he is wearing the Soleimani cap, the time has come to remove the Soleimani cap, the same law should be applied to Imran Khan as the Muslim League (N). ) is suffering, this discriminatory attitude may lead to public suspicion of national institutions for the sanctity of the rule of law in the country.

He said that what is the power that keeps Qasim Suri on the post of Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan for more than two and a half years on a stay order, what is the power that the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker himself is the worst according to the law of the Supreme Court. They are guilty of breaking the constitution, but in view of the elected house of Pakistan, they are not summoned to the court.

Federal Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal said that we have the right to politely ask that the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly is also the Deputy Speaker of the elected House of Pakistan, so like Qasim Suri, the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly also respects the institution. They are entitled to this rank.

He said that the spectacle that is going on today and the political uncertainty that is being spread, Imran Niazi is continuously working on the agenda of chaos and anarchy in Pakistan.

He said that Imran Niazi started conspiratorial sit-ins from 2014, after that he remained in the government for four years and continued to do politics of political division and chaos, since he came out of power, it is pushing the country into political chaos. Sobh Sham says that Pakistan will become Sri Lanka while we are saving Pakistan from becoming Sri Lanka.

He said that the prohibited funding comes from an agenda, the same tactic is being adopted in the 2016 elections of the United States of America, where the US institutions allegedly invested millions of dollars and hijacked the election process through social media. Today, Imran Niazi is also on the agenda of hijacking Pakistan’s electoral process through social media and misleading the people of Pakistan and spreading chaos through the illicit funding of millions of dollars.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the institutions of Pakistan do not see that 1400 social media activists are recruited within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on a monthly salary of 25 thousand, and that the social media brigade conducts a systematic campaign to undermine the role of Pakistan’s army and judiciary. Things called for answers today.

He said that PML (N) and allied parties have played a responsible role in this situation due to the troubled economic conditions, we do not want us to be forced to adopt the role that makes the country more vulnerable. Be pushed towards Arai.

He said that the judiciary is the backbone for the rule of law in any society, I am requesting the Supreme Court that as per the demand of the opposition parties, the case of the Punjab Chief Minister should be heard by a full bench, so that tomorrow no one The conflict could not arise.



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