Noori (Ali Noor, Ali Hamza)


The Rock Band ‘Noori’ was founded by lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Ali Noor along with his younger brother Ali Hamza in 1996. Hamza left the band to continue his graduation at Lahore University of Management Sciences, however he still contributed to the band anyway. Led by charismatic brothers Ali Noor and Ali Hamza, noori delivers a great rock and roll show with a distinctive subcontinent kick.

Noori’s debut single Manwa Re (2002) and debut album Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan (2003) created whirlwinds across Urdu music listeners all over the world and introduced the pop/rock music to the Pakistani mainstream. Its content was a departure from the usual pop diet of chummy love songs and focused on inspiring the youth to take up the responsibility of doing something worthwhile for themselves and others.
In 2010, noori re-emerged into the mainstream with super-hit singles coming out one after another through Coke Studio (Aik Alif, Saari Raat Jaga, Hor Vi Neevan Ho) and a number of commercial music videos. This re-emergence also added a new dimension to noori’s sound – fusion. 


But that was only the beginning of a new musical journey. The duo continues to explore a variety of soundscapes from classical and folk to electronica to even full scale orchestra. Yet they believe that Rock n Roll is there to rule! Moreover Salman Albert, Farhad Humayun, Murtaza Jaffar, Muhammad Ali Jafri and Louis J. Pinto (aka Gumby) were the past members of the Band However Ali Noor, Ali Hamza and Kami Paul are still permanent members of the band now. 

Ali Noor’s mother Madam Noor Zehra Kazim is a world famous musician by creating magic playing the instrument Sagar Veena, audience liked it very much. The instrument was invented by her father, Raza Kazim who was a lawyer by profession and a philosopher, he founded the famous Sanjan Nagar Institute along with her daughter.

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