Monday, August 15, 2022

Now the rats will help those trapped in the rubble

If a person is buried in the rubble after an earthquake and a rat comes in, then it will surely be another problem for the person who is in this predicament. But a scientist is training mice in such a way that in such a situation they will be able to help rescue trapped humans.

According to the International News Agency, Dr. Donna Kane said that the rats would be able to penetrate into small spaces so that people trapped under the rubble could be identified and rescued.

“Mice are very active and have the ability to move well in a variety of environments,” he said. They are the perfect choice for search and rescue operations. The reason is that due to their physical constitution, rats go to narrow places and pass through difficult paths easily.

Dona Cane is working on a non-profit project called APOPO in Morogoro, Tanzania, East Africa, and is developing a consignment of helper mice.

Ken has so far trained seven mice in which they are packed and sent to artificial wreckage, then return to the base when they hear a specific sound.

Small bags worn by rats are very useful. They have mic, video camera and location tracking devices. Once the rat reaches the man trapped in the rubble, the human rescue crew on the ground is able to talk to the man and determine his whereabouts.

Experts hope that this will not only make it easier to reach the survivors buried after accidents and earthquakes, but also make it possible to talk to them, which is amazing.



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