Thursday, August 18, 2022

Now you can hear natural sounds on FM

If you want to hear the sound of rain, the chirping of birds, the cooing of coils and the sound of strong winds, then this enchanting website is just for you.

From Amazon to Yellowstone Park, the United States and Egyptian forests, as well as the sounds of wild animals in Ghana, the website features podcasts.

With the help of an interactive map, you can also hear the sounds of natural places around the world. Earth FM has named its website Spotify of Natural Voices.

For example, the enchanting sound of Malaysian birds makes the heart rejoice. Recorded audio history and brief information on each podcast is also provided. In addition, Brazil, New Zealand, Spain, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States of America’s greenery, national parks and natural places have wonderful natural sounds on this website.

In a few moments you can hear the sounds of animals and birds from all over the world. According to experts, listening to them reduces stress. But there are also many articles and links on nature conservation and conservation of natural life on the website. Then there are the cases of some non-governmental organizations which are either saving lives or are engaged in tree planting.

Every third day new natural sounds gather here.



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