Friday, August 12, 2022

On the order of the court, Dua Zahra moved to Darul Aman

After the order of Lahore court to send Dua Zahra to Dar al-Aman Lahore, she was transferred to Dar al-Aman.

Lahore court ordered to send Dua Zahra to Darul Aman Lahore.

In the written order issued by District Court Lahore, the court said that in the light of Dua Zahra’s statement, it has ordered to send Darul Aman.

Dua Zahra had applied to the court that her parents and others are threatening her life and are threatening her with dire consequences.

She stated in the application that her relationship with her husband was not pleasant and she spent the night at a relative’s house with great difficulty.

Dua Zahra had pleaded in the application that she wants to go to Darul Aman Lahore of her own free will, so the court should order her to be sent to Darul Aman.

In the light of Dua Zahra’s statement, the court ordered to send them to Darul Aman.

On the other hand, Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit (SRU) program chief Salman Sufi said in a tweet that Dua Zahra has been kept under tight security in light of the court order.

He said that he has requested the Sindh government to send a team of Child Protection Bureau to take Dua Zahra to her parents while Zaheer is being sought for arrest.



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