Monday, August 15, 2022

Order to produce Dua Zahra in court on August 1

In the local court of Karachi, a hearing was held on the mother’s request related to the recovery of Dua Zahra. The court granted the mother’s request and ordered to produce Dua Zahra and said that Dua Zahra should be produced in the court on August 1 for the next hearing.

Yesterday, the Sindh High Court gave the decision to transfer Dua Zahra to the shelter home Karachi and said that there is no legal obstacle to transfer Dua Zahra to Karachi. In the judgment, it was said that the said case is pending in the trial court of Karachi, Dua Zahra is the main character of the case and her presence in Karachi is necessary.

The court had said in its observation that apparently Duazahra is also unhappy with her husband and does not want to live together, while Duazahra is also afraid of her parents, so it is appropriate to stay in a shelter home. Will decide.



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