Ordering ‘Monkey Pax’ testing kits: Health Minister

Ordering Monkey Pax testing kits Health Minister

Federal Minister for Health Abdul Qadir Patel has said that the government has ordered testing kits for ‘Monkey Pax’, an itchy disease.

He also rejected reports that some cases of the disease have been reported in Pakistan.

Monkey pox is a contagious disease that broke out in Europe during May this year and has been reported in the United Arab Emirates.

He termed the reports of the spread of the disease in Pakistan as misleading and said that they should not be taken seriously.

“We have alerted all (staff) at all the entrances of the country and so far no case has come to light,” the health minister said.

Earlier, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had also confirmed that no case of monkey pox has been reported in Pakistan so far.

The clarification came a day after the agency issued a warning, urging national and provincial health officials to remain on high alert for any suspected cases of monkey pox.

Monkey Pax

According to experts, monkey pox is usually found only in the African region and for decades no cases of the disease have been reported in any other region.

There are two types of this disease similar to smallpox and severe itchy rash on the body, one is West African clade and the other is Congo Basin (Central African) clade. The death toll from patients infected with the Congo Basin has risen to 10 percent.

Experts believe that monkey pox is a rare epidemic virus, the infection is similar to the smallpox virus found in humans, the symptoms of which include fever, headache and itchy skin. ۔

The disease does not spread as fast as coronavirus or other epidemics, with monkey pox only transmitted from person to person through close contact and especially physical contact.

Experts fear that Monkey Pax is spreading rapidly among men who are attracted to homosexuality.

A U.S. Department of Health official said the virus is linked to smallpox, but that its effects and symptoms are usually mild, especially given the West African strain of the virus identified in the U.S. case. The death rate is about one percent.

The health department official added that most of the affected people recover completely in two to four weeks.

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