Thursday, August 18, 2022

Pakistani Mountaineer Climbs Mount Everest, The World’s Highest Peak

Mountaineer Abdul Joshi, popularly known as ‘Pathfinders’ in Pakistani circles, climbed the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.

Abdul Joshi’s team has confirmed that the 38-year-old climber successfully climbed the world’s highest peak at 8,849 meters on Monday morning.

Abdul Joshi is the eighth Pakistani to climb Mount Everest, the second of 14 world peaks above 8,000 meters. He has also climbed Annapurna before.

Before Abdul Joshi, Mirza Ali Baig, Samina Baig, Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, Shahrooz Kashif, Sarbaz Ali, Nazir Sabir and Hassan Sadpara have also climbed Mount Everest.

Abdul Joshi, from Hunza, headed the most difficult passo-cones in Gilgit-Baltistan last year. He is the first mountaineer to head the passo-cones.

He had earlier climbed the 6,050-meter-high Mangalak Sar while on K2 he was able to advance as far as Camp Three when severe weather forced him to return.

Abdul Joshi is generally known for turning to peaks that no one has climbed in the past.

In an interview last year, Abdul Joshi had said that as soon as his eyes fall on a peak, his eyes automatically start looking for a track on it.



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