People exposed to ‘Omicron’ revealed a lower risk of ‘Long Code’

People exposed to Omicron revealed a lower risk of Long

An authoritative and comprehensive study of Corona type Omecron so far has shown that people who recover from this type are less likely to be infected with Longcode.

According to Reuters, a research report published in the medical journal The Lancet states that although people infected with omecron are more likely to be infected with long code, the rate is lower than other types. ۔

According to the report, experts from King’s College London examined the data of people who fell ill during the wave of ‘Omekron’ in the UK and also looked at the symptoms that lasted for a long time after their recovery.

During the study, the researchers examined people who had recovered from other types of corona, including delta, before Omicron, and the symptoms that had persisted for a long time.

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