People Like People Who Show Signs Of Stress, Research Says

People like people who show signs of stress research says

Expressing symptoms of stress makes us more attractive to others and forces other people to respond more positively to us.

The claim was made in a medical study in the UK.

A joint study by the University of Nottingham Trent and the University of Portsmouth sought to find out why, unlike other animals, humans show symptoms such as scratching their head, cutting their nails, moving their hands and feet, and touching their face or hair. Shows their weakness.

Research has shown that the more symptoms a person has when they are stressed, the more positive the reaction of people to them.

A video of an interview and presentation of the people who were included in the study was recorded for which they were not given a chance to prepare.

People were then asked to rate the most stressed people and express their feelings about them.

The results showed that people who showed various symptoms during the task, such as redness and chewing nails, were more likely to be stressed.

Basically, the results suggest that it is possible for ordinary people to get an accurate idea of ​​people’s attitudes toward stress.

The study also found that people who were found to be the most stressed during the task were more likely to be liked by other people, indicating why humans end up expressing stress.

“We wanted to know how people benefit from expressing stress symptoms, and we wanted to know if it’s an evolutionary process that helps us gain empathy for others,” the researchers said.

He added that unlike other living beings, human beings are more cooperative and the more weak they look, the more their sympathy and love grows.

The findings were published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

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