People With Mental Health Problems And Depression Are More Likely To Develop Heart Disease

People with mental health problems and depression are more likely

A new study has found that people with mental health problems, especially depression, are more likely to develop heart disease.

According to research published in the medical journal Biomedical, people who suffer from depression have an increased risk of high blood pressure, which in some ways can lead to heart disease.

In the study, experts from Australian and Malaysian universities looked at four different types of data, which looked at blood pressure in people with depression and other mental health problems.

Experts found in the available data that there were 12 studies that found that people who suffer from depression and mental problems suffer from other diseases, including heart disease, after suffering from high blood pressure.

The data showed that while blood pressure caused by depression increases the risk of heart disease, it also increases the chances of organ failure.

During the study, the experts divided the participants into three categories, most of whom suffered from depression for a very short period of time, from a few seconds to a few minutes.

The other people in the study were the ones who suffered from depression from one day to a few days, while the third people were the ones who suffered from depression for many days to many months and even for many years.

The participants ranged in age from 18 to 55 and included men and women.

Research has shown that most people with chronic depression suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease, while such people also have an increased risk of organ failure.

Experts also attributed all types of depression to high blood pressure and heart disease and called for ensuring people’s mental health.

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