Friday, August 12, 2022

Permission to grow cannabis in homes

Home-grown cannabis in Thailand The Thai government has decided to allow cannabis to be grown in homes, with rules to be relaxed soon.

The Thai government has decided to amend the law to allow people to grow cannabis at home, removing cannabis from the list of drugs and distributing 1 million cheeses for cannabis cultivation. Initially, hemp cultivation will be allowed for medical treatment.

Less intoxicating cannabis can be grown, but the recreation of cannabis in public places for recreational purposes will remain in place and there will be fines for smoking cannabis in public places.

Initially, cannabis cultivation will be allowed for medical treatment and only low-narcotics cannabis can be grown. But there will also be a fine.

The government’s new law will only benefit citizens who use private farms and orchards for traditional medicine, in addition to pharmaceutical companies. Farmers and traders must obtain special permits.

It should be noted that cannabis cultivation laws have been gradually relaxed for many years to promote tourism and agriculture in Thailand, and in 2018 the use of cannabis for medical purposes was legalized.



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