Pet Bitch Fights Mountain Lion While Protecting Owner

Pet bitch fights mountain lion while protecting owner

In the United States, a pet bitch saved her owner’s life by fighting a mountain lion alone. According to foreign media reports, 24-year-old Erin Wilson of California, USA, recently went for a walk in the river with her bitch (Eva) in her pickup truck.

During the walk, however, Wilson was attacked by a mountain lion, which scratched his shoulder and tore his jacket.

According to reports, after being attacked by a lion, Erin Wilson called out to her pet dog, after which she ran away and retaliated against the mountain lion.

Wilson says that Eva, who weighed only 25 kg, fought the lion fearlessly. The fight between the two lasted for a few minutes, during which the bitch also got wounds on her head and eye and the lion was attacking her.

However, after that I ran back to my car and signaled to stop the other car on the road. Sharon Houston, the female driver, stopped the car and together they hit the lion with a long pipe while Houston sprayed pepper on the mountain lion and he finally ran away.

According to the report, Wilson took her pet bitch to the vet for treatment after the incident. A statement from the California Department of Wildlife said that Eva is now safe and well.

The department added that wildlife officials had collected samples from the bitch’s wounds for DNA analysis, after which they would try to catch the mountain lion.

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